Posted by Caroline

Our son was tested for celiac disease many years ago from  Nadine RN emergency nurse, who almost died herself, years ago. We are so thankful that she survived and could test our son 9 years ago for celiac disease and that all his very serious health issues in connection with Gluten are gone.  When your child is always not feeling good, has tummy ache or anger issues, please try to take them off Gluten and you will be so glad you did! We were so thankful that the anger issues from our son were gone and he didn’t feel sick all the time. Gluten does a lot of damage in our health. Autism and Gluten  is connected as well. Here is the video from Nadine, The Gluten RN nurse who almost died. Contact Nadine for more info…..Gluten Free RN, Corvallis, OR



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