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It will be Fall Soon

Posted by Linda

Fall is coming and that means for everyone who has school age children, that school is starting. There is a feeling of excitement in the air, or is it anxiety? Most likely, it is a combination of both. Change from the warmth of summer where your days might be relaxed, and getting ready to go to school where life is structured and there is homework due is upon us.

Some parents breathe a sigh of relief because their children would be occupied all day and the pressure to keep them busy yourself is off. I was never like that, I felt the anxiety of getting them to bed on time so that they would have adequate rest for the next day and getting the homework done. Of course if you have one of those lovely cooperative children, then there was no problem. Most people, however, have children who resist doing homework, and resist going to bed. It makes me tired just thing about it!

There is a book that actually says that if you get your children to bed at a good hour and they are adequately rested, then they will behave and be in a good mood the rest of the day. Oh, if that were so and life would work out perfectly if we followed the rules. Most of us know that even following the rules does not guarantee success. Sleep, nonetheless, is necessary. It helps our brain function properly and is good for our immune system. So, it is important to have quiet time before bed and have a regular bedtime ritual.

Doing homework can be really tricky. Do you allow your child to experience the consequences of not doing it and when do you do that. Or do you push your child so that their grades are good enough for you? How about doing the homework for them so that you can guarantee them a good grade? I don’t think that will help your child in school or in life. So many things to sort out!

All I have is questions! One bit of advice, however, is to enjoy the beauty of the coming season each minute that you are able.

Watermelon in season

Posted by Colleen

Watermelon is in season now and here is a tip for picking out the right melon.  Look for one that’s firm and symmetrical with a dried stem.  A ripe watermelon will have a sweet melon fragrance and it should feel heavy for its size.  Two cups of watermelon deliver 30 percent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A and 40 percent of vitamin C.  Also, a surprising fact is watermelon has about 40 percent more lycopene than raw tomatoes.  According to Guinness World Records the heaviest watermelon was grown in 2013 by Chris Kent of TN the melon weighed 350.5 lbs.

Enjoy all the wonderful fruits of summer!

Effective Filing for Work and Home

by Caroline Vogt

Save time and money with an effective filing system for your papers and for computer information and documents with folders and sub-folders.

Set up a filing system that works for you! There are many different ways to classify information. Here are the most common ones:

  • alphabetically
  • chronologically (time-sensitive clients first, for example for suppliers)
  • numerically (example: dealing with sales figures)
  • geographically (example: selling goods in different regions)
  • organizing with color coding is also very helpful  (example: house, bank, insurance, school,….)

Package labels confusing and misleading

by Colleen

What do the most common labels mean? The manufacturer’s estimate of when the food will no longer be at its highest quality is “best if used by” or “best by”.

The manufacturer’s suggested date to the grocer to no longer sell the product based on the idea that the quality will still be good for a reasonable time if it’s purchased on that date is “sell by”.

An estimate of the last date the food is at peak quality is “use by”.  More than 90% of Americans use these dates when deciding whether to discard food.

Refrigerator tips – Use a thermometer in your fridge to make sure the refrigerator is keeping cooler than 40 degrees. If any foods are slimy, soft, change color or smell the food is spoiled and needs to be thrown away.  The senses are better indicators of food safety than the date stamp on the product.

The areas of the refrigerator are important when storing food the upper shelves is slightly warmer you can store drinks and leftovers.  The lower shelves are the coldest section meat, fish and poultry should be stored in this section.  Always use a tray or plate to catch any dripping. In the high-humidity drawer the veggies that will wilt such as lettuce, spinach, kale and fruits such as pears, grapes and berries are best kept in this drawer.

The refrigerator door is the warmest part of the fridge a great place to store condiments it is not a good place for anything perishable.


Benefits of time management:

Achieve More! Making a plan with time-management and being proactive helps to be in control of time and time is not in control of you! We are achieving more with clear goals and time-management.

Time To Do What Really Matters! Overcoming obstacles, getting stuff done and being able to focus on what really matters with regularly integrated breaks and rejuvenating times.

Are you looking for less stress at work and in your personal life?

Do you have clear goals at work and for your personal and family life?

Are you hearing yourself saying these sentences:  If I only had more time! There aren’t enough hours in the day! Where does time go? Do you suffer of lack of time?

Can you spot the difference between urgent and important tasks?

If you can answer Yes to most of the above questions you would benefit from finding out more about controlling your time. Contact Caroline for an appointment:;

The Sunny Side of Life

Posted by Linda

How do you teach your children optimism? Maybe watching Pollyanna, who was extraordinarily optimistic, made too much of an impression on me when I was a little girl. However, I am an optimist and am grateful for it. There are so many situations in life that are not under our control and we do not know what will happen. So we have a choice, in my mind, to spend our days in doom and gloom thinking that whatever the situation is , it will turn out poorly, or we can appreciate each minute, looking for the beauty that exists. Granted, the choice to feel optimistic is not at all easy and we all fall into spaces where we only see the dark side of things, but we can choose to bring ourselves back to a better state of mind. My choice is to appreciate what I can and see beauty, even when things are stressful and gloomy. I always remember what the Dalai Lama said about falling off his center. We kind of expect that someone with that level of enlightenment would never lose balance, but that isn’t so. He says that he falls off his center maybe a hundred times a day, but he brings himself back to a better place of equilibrium.

How do we teach our children to maintain an overall state of optimism. Practicing optimism ourselves seems to me to be the most appropriate way. It is important not to give in to an illusion about how carefree and happy go lucky we are, but create systems for problem solving and emphasize that we are losing everything if we stay in a place of worry, fear and stress. I don’t believe that in that place, our brains work effectively to do some creative thinking so that we can change whatever situation that we are in.

These are the kinds of skills I want my children to learn, adaptability, creativity, and a positive look to the future. Let’s not forget the importance of resilience, the ability to bounce back. Sometimes everything is overwhelming and seemingly impossible, but to stay in the same place is not much of a choice either. There is a lot of work to do, within ourselves and for the future of our land around the world. We can only do one thing at a time.

The Reunion


Posted by Linda

I know that we sometimes feel exactly like we need to start over with who can be members in our family. Of course, we can add our dear friends who may feel more like family than blood relations, but it is what it is. Maybe our family members aren’t as close as we would like them to be, but isn’t there somewhere inside of you, a small or even more evident desire for closeness and to have the kind of family reunions that we may see on the television or in movies, lots of craziness, but bonded with love and caring for each other.

I don’t hear about too many families having reunions any more. We have all grown apart and very busy with our own families and sometimes just trying to keep afloat. We may have money to travel and not the time, or the time, and no money. Either way, the way things are in our culture doesn’t lead towards getting together.

There may be a change. We all know that everything changes and what goes one way, eventually comes back and goes the other. I think that people are recognizing a greater need for family and community support. After years of families moving around the country rather than settling in one place, much job instability, and a high rate of divorce, it makes one feel a bit unsettled, at least it does me. I long for something different.

I believe that many people see a need for change in the way we are living, greater connection, respect and acceptance of each other even if we don’t agree with their choices, and a greater respect and appreciation for the land that we live on. And need I say for the animals who also inhabit the planet. We all have our place, but human actions have resulted in the extinction of certain species and it is all happening more rapidly than expected.

So what can we do but male room for more love in our own lives, for ourselves and each other and where we live.

Would you like to do this job?

By Colleen