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Happy Easter

Posted by Colleen

Happy-Easter 2016

I am seeing and hearing the signs of spring more everyday.  I was looking out my window Thursday morning and saw a bunny hopping across my yard.  I think, it is the same bunny that was here last year.  I named it Easter because Easter is so close. I have also seen the birds starting to build their nests inside the bird houses and hear them chirping early in the morning. My daffodils, tulips and fruit trees are all in bloom and the colors are exquisite. I enjoy my walks in the afternoon passing by my neighbors property and seeing the new baby calves and colts that have been born. Awe, so cute.

Now, I really need to start planning the garden of what to grow this year.  I have started the process of vegetable fermentation from some that I buy from the store but can’t wait to do the fresh vegetables from my garden.

I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy spring, maybe in between rain showers and just relax and enjoy – Happy Easter!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by Colleen

I posted an article about the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day last year at this time.  You can read the post in the archives for March 2015.  I celebrated with corn beef and cabbage last weekend when I went to visit family in Washington State so my St. Patrick’s Day was early.  The corn beef was excellent and the cabbage was a great compliment with potatoes I boiled in the corn beef broth. Everyone enjoyed the meal and it is always nice to be with family.