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Three Types of Reactions to Food

Posted by Colleen

Did you know that there are 3 types of reactions to food in which your immune system accidentally identifies the protein of that food and thinks it’s an enemy and attacks it?

A quote by Hippocrates “let food be thy medicine” I believe it’s true but sometimes a food we are eating can cause symptoms, worsen inflammation and end up making us feel bad.

The first type of reaction is the autoimmune response that can cause a lot of different symptoms and possible damage, as in celiac disease.

The second type is immediate the IgE, hypersensitivity immune response or food allergy, as in peanuts.

The third type is the delayed IgG and IgA response known as a food sensitivity or intolerance.  In this response it is more difficult to pin point exactly what foods are causing what reaction in the body because symptoms may not show up for hours or days after eating the food.

Why this is important to be aware of? Eating the same foods day after day can cause chronic inflammation in your body. Here are some symptoms of food sensitivity/intolerance; weight gain, bloating, gas, joint pain, headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog, itching, skin issues, congestion, constipation and diarrhea.

There are tests that can be performed at your doctor’s office for the above mentioned responses.  These tests can be used as a tool, a guideline to better health.

I will be posting a weekly “product spotlight” on different products that I have tried which may help people that are avoiding or  limiting their consumption of a certain food.

I have no affiliation with any of the companies and their products I spotlight.



posted by Caroline

Image result for images tortillas of rice   find by Costco   (Gluten Free Products )

Brown Rice Tortillas and Oatmeal at Costco are great for people who can’t eat Gluten. Gluten-free choices for autistic children and adults, read more….Autism as well as children and people with celiac disease  read more……   Celiac disease.    Look up websites for Gluten-free products. Most stores have Gluten-free products, if not online shopping is a way to get the choices. Look also for Gluten-free Shampoos, skin care and toothpaste. Adhesives have also Gluten, this is something people don’t think about it usually.

by Caroline

I’m so thankful there are cookbooks with Gluten-free, Casein-free and Sugar-free recipes. Having a son with celiac disease, autism and a rare heart disease, the right diet is life saving for him and the best thing ever happened is, all his tantrums stopped taking him off gluten and sugar 9 years ago.

here are two cookbooks I can highly recommend:


Posted by Caroline

Our son was tested for celiac disease many years ago from  Nadine RN emergency nurse, who almost died herself, years ago. We are so thankful that she survived and could test our son 9 years ago for celiac disease and that all his very serious health issues in connection with Gluten are gone.  When your child is always not feeling good, has tummy ache or anger issues, please try to take them off Gluten and you will be so glad you did! We were so thankful that the anger issues from our son were gone and he didn’t feel sick all the time. Gluten does a lot of damage in our health. Autism and Gluten  is connected as well. Here is the video from Nadine, The Gluten RN nurse who almost died. Contact Nadine for more info…..Gluten Free RN, Corvallis, OR