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Who Doesn’t Like Bacon?

Posted by Colleen


Product Spotlight #4

On my journey to cut back my sugar intake especially processed sugar I came across a “sugar free” bacon,

Who doesn’t like bacon?  Bacon is versatile and can be added to many food dishes.  I like bacon with eggs, in soups and on salads.  I have several recipes that I use bacon. I started looking for bacon without sugar and I found it was difficult to find.

I came across Pederson’s Bacon “Paleo” Whole 30 approved at a grocery store where I often shop – so I tried it.  The bacon was very good and tasty didn’t miss the sugar at all! I like this bacon because it is not thick like some bacon, I think thick bacon is very chewy, doesn’t shrivel up and has a good taste.

I haven’t checked but there was a comment on their website that they were launching turkey bacon with no sugar.

The bacon comes in a 10 oz. package and is sugar free, gluten free and no lactose.  The website says it is Paleo friendly, pork raised without the use of antibiotics or growth stimulants, no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. You can check their website  for the ingredient listing and more information.

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