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Economic Survival for the Family

Posted by Linda

I have been reading a very interesting book called The Moral Underground, How Ordinary Americans Subvert and Unfair Economy” by Lisa Dodson. I really appreciated reading this book because I found it to be both encouraging, informative and at the same time, depressing. Even looking at the title, why does morality have to go underground? It appears that in the work place, though not all, there is a need for people with a conscience to act in an underground kind of way so that especially single parents and those families whose salaries are minimum wage can survive. Middle managers, not those on top, see people struggling to pay rent, have medical care and buy food and at the same time they are working hard at two or three jobs. It is not only adults who suffer, it’s children who are not getting good food, or even going without childcare when their parents are working. What about family time? It doesn’t exist when parents are working minimum wage jobs. Everyone is too busy and tired just struggling in survival mode.

What some managers are doing for their employees is to help them with overtime hours, giving them food if it is at a restaurant and not counting time missed when picking up children from school or taking care of a sick child. Remember, there is no paid sick days for most people working for minimum wage. So thank you to all those people with a sense of morality who have the courage to act when many corporations have established rules that don’t support survival.

Please read the book. We, as human beings, can no longer sit by and watch others suffer. Let’s change the trend towards narcissistic behavior and show that we care. What are some things that you have done lately to help others who are struggling?

Tip when chopping garlic

By Colleen

When cutting garlic cloves place on a cutting board and with the side of a large knife tap and press down the side of the knife onto clove of garlic, this will help in peeling off the outer skin of the garlic clove. To make chopping easier sprinkle salt on the garlic then chop and mice, this will help keep the sticky garlic pieces from sticking to the knife.

Garlic is a herb. Garlic is used for many conditions related to the heart and circulatory system, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and high cholesterol.  Some of these uses of garlic are supported by medical research and science.  Talk with your physician before taking any medication, supplement or herb.