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By Caroline

Space-saving storage bags that are sealed with the aid of a vacuum cleaner can reduce the total volume to 75 percent. These inexpensive bags protect the blankets, coats, sweaters and other bulky seasonal items. These inexpensive bags protect the contents from dust, dirt and insects.  You can store these sealed bags under a bed, shelf or in a suitcase.

The Month of January

Posted by Colleen

I like to think of January as a motivational month it’s the start of a new year, a clean slate, new beginnings or maybe needing to end something.

I laugh to myself when I go into a store before New Year’s and the weight scales, exercise equipment, yoga mats, bar bells and other fitness products are in the main aisle of the store.  The ads on television for organizations like Weight Watchers, NurtiSystem, Jenny Craig and other weight loss eating programs start to show up.

Take advantage of January and make an appointment to see your physician for a check up, dentist for an exam and cleaning, get that membership to a gym, join a walking group and do whatever that you’ll enjoy doing for exercise and social interaction.

So take advantage of the month of January it’s almost at the end and start the year off with a positive outlook that continues all year long.

What’s Your New Year Resolution?

Posted by Colleen

Here we are in the middle of January 2016 and how many of you made a New Year resolution? Is your resolution to change something to get to better health?  Question, have you started the New Year resolution, maintaining the resolution or is the resolution over already? Share your resolution with us and let us know how it is going.  I don’t particularly make a New Year resolution but hey if it gets you to better health then go for it.


By Caroline

In January we like to start fresh with storing last years papers and replace them with new empty filing systems. We like to make new spaces on our book shelves and in drawers, donate clothes, toys and old equipment to bring to our favored charities. A easy way is to go through the different rooms, take first the items from shelves and out of drawers and clean them. Go through the piles and sort them out in 3 categories.

The box going to the charities: make a running list, including description of the items and approximate value. Staple the list to the receipt and file with your current-year tax records.

Use 3 boxes or bags:

1 box for giving to charity,

1 box for garbage

1 box to keep