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Healthy On-The-Go-Snack

Posted by Colleen

Product Spotlight

That's it Apples + Cherries Fruit Bar

I’m always looking for something that is “healthy” for an on-the-go-snack and I think these fruit bars are the way to go. The name of the bars is That’s It and that is what you get. The bars are raw, non-GMO, no added sugar, vegan, gluten free and only 100 calories.

There are only two ingredients in the bars, this bar one apple and ten cherries and if you’re a cherry lover like me this is really pretty good. The bars are soft, pliable and a little sticky because of the fruit; the bars come in a variety of fruit choices, two fruit combinations. I have found the bars at Market of Choice, Natural Grocers and their website says Whole Foods. I think I paid about $1.60 for the bar not bad for something good.