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By Caroline

Image result for image for a free feeling …..  going into 2017!

Do you want change in your life for 2017? There is still time to get rid of all the clutter in your life that bugs you down! Start by choosing one task a day to eliminate in your life and you will be amazed how much you get done already by the end of the year to start the new year fresh with plenty of energy!

Taking on too much can lead to serious health risks. 1 task a day, drink plenty of water and tea, fresh air and Vitamin C these few things keeps you healthier during the colder winter days.

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img_2573 Crafted by Caroline

The Pumpkin candles can be a family craft project!

How to make in 10 min:

Use some little pumpkin

Cut from cardboard some circles (same size as the votive candles)

Hot-Glue the cardboard on candle and candle on pumpkin.

Decorate around the candle with silk or dry flowers and leaves. Make sure the flowers are arranged away from the candle so they don’t burn when candle lit. Enjoy on your Thanksgiving-Table!



Image result for images eucalyptus and sage   posted by Caroline

It is the time of the year where colder weather and more stress towards the holidays pile up. That is always the time where I get my Essential Oils Handbook out that I got from a dear friend and start searching and trying different oils out for health benefits or when catching a cold.

I found this one helpful…..Eucalyptus and Sage act as an excellent remedy for coughs, chest congestion, and sinus infections. You can inhale the steam made with Eucalyptus and Sage in boiling water 2x a day.