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posted by Caroline

I spent hours traveling in a train today. I heard sneezing, coughing and I was glad having some drops of essential oils with me. I had my Lemon Oil on my scarf and Eucalyptus on a small tissue which I could inhale during this long drive sheltering me from the cold bugs.

I also recommend this book below. Cleaning your home in a “green” way is the best way to avoid colds. Learn how to keep a clean green home and body and your family will thank you for keeping them healthy during this cold season.


By Caroline


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How about a mini-vacation at home every day? It seems like everybody I spoke to has some sort of stress in life and need some time off, time away, or a chance to “chill out” alone. You can take some time off each and every day, you only need to plan it and make some space in your schedule for it. It is essential for your overall well-being. Asking yourself what you like best in vacation, helps you to find the things you like to see, do and have  at home to feel comfortable, happy and relaxed as well.

For me for example I like to see, coming in a hotel is: the nice little touches of having a cute prepared basket prepared with some samples of lotions and shampoos in the bathroom and the towels who are pretty and soft. I like to go swimming in the hotel pool, which is one of the sports I like best to relax.  I love walking and exploring the new area and then go shopping for some kind of small cute things. Looking for gifts for my friends to bring home is another favored thing for me to do. I love great parks, gardens, museums or art galleries. In general nature is the best for me to relax, go back to the hotel take a power nap and get ready for a good dinner with nice ambiance and a good conversation with a great friend.

You can make it a habit to schedule some of your own favored things to see and do in your own home and neighborhood. Sometimes we need to be creative and resourceful to make our daily life more fun, relaxed and exciting . The tourist offices I found, is a good way to get inspired to find new nice places to see and go in your own backyard…..try something new, explore and experiment what you like best to see, do and have and translate it on a smaller scale to live your own mini-vacation daily.


by Caroline

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  1. cut floral foam to fit in bowl, urn, basket or wide vase
  2. layer the urn, bowl, basket with a plastic base (cut open zip-top bag)
  3. Soak the foam in water and place on plastic
  4. Insert a stick into the base of each piece of fruit
  5. Insert stick with fruit in the foam
  6. Fill in open spaces with foliage and twigs and sticks
  7. Note: Group larger fruit first, and
  8. then nestle smaller pieces in the arrangement      Enjoy!


By Caroline

Image result for images restaurant fall table decorationsImage result for images restaurant fall table decorationsImage result for images restaurant fall table decorations

The more you can use and enjoy your dining table alone, the more pleasure you will bring to any others you ask to join you there. I really believe that our home and our decors, inclusive our table decorations and centerpieces are an extension of ourselves, our personalities and what is important to us. I also believe that details matter. If you have a tough time to imagine than check out one of your favorite restaurants with the ambiance that spoke to you that you can recreate at home including the table decors?