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By Caroline

Thinking of our holidays and preparing beautiful gift wrappings and how to stay organized.

There are many ways how to have an organized space for your gift-wrappings. I have here two of my favorites I recommend. The flexible one on rollers, which is great when you don’t have a dedicated craft, sewing or gift-wrapping room or hidden behind a cupboard or closet door, hidden during the times you don’t need them. More gift-wrapping spaces and gift-wrapping ideas in the future blogs are coming….

Image result for images of gift wrapping stationsImage result for images of gift wrapping stations

What is your favorite?




Image result for images of vegetable party bouquets       Image result for images of vegetable party bouquetsposted by Caroline

fun and beautiful fruit & vegetable bouquets

DIY Home Decor and Gift Baskets

Posted by Caroline

following today some fun, creative bloggers and put some of my decors and gift baskets on DIY after an inspired Art & Craft blogger mentioned it…..so now, you find some of my gift baskets and decors there too. You find them all on my Youtube.com     Caroline Vogt, thanks for sharing some of them, I know people like the Thanksgiving Gift Basket, one of the Holiday gifts.   There is also a Tropical Fruit Gift Basket, which is still for this season…….