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By Caroline

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There are creative ways to reduce stress daily. Take a mini-vacation with coloring. There are many choices of big and small coloring books or download and print out some beautiful Mandala patterns to calm your nerves. You can do it during your coffee or lunch break. Coloring is a form of meditation and a great way to relax, create something beautiful and engage with different colors which works like color therapy.

More creative color therapy topics and many other wellness related topics will be in our new book “Wellness Perspectives” written by the Three Coaches and a Psychologist.  The wellness book will be available in fall.


My e-book  “DREAMS to REALITY” is now available on     http://tinyurl.com/y7tubzhf;                           (www.amazon.com.   E-Books: Caroline Vogt)

It is available for anybody for FREE over this weekend, SA, June 10th and  SO, June 11th!  Please let your friends know, so they can profit and download it as well .

“Dreams to Reality” is an “easy step by step” guide to transform lives of professionals, parents and students. It guides you on how to create an organized, stress free and beautiful home and work environment as well as a healthy creative lifestyle to fulfill dreams for the home, life, family, work and business.

I wish to help as many people as possible with my English and German books getting their home, work and life organized and beautiful for peace of mind and start living their dreams! Thank you so much for sharing!

Enjoy the book and making your dreams a reality! I welcome any comments and feedback.    caroline.vogt@comcast.net



By Caroline

Thinking of our holidays and preparing beautiful gift wrappings and how to stay organized.

There are many ways how to have an organized space for your gift-wrappings. I have here two of my favorites I recommend. The flexible one on rollers, which is great when you don’t have a dedicated craft, sewing or gift-wrapping room or hidden behind a cupboard or closet door, hidden during the times you don’t need them. More gift-wrapping spaces and gift-wrapping ideas in the future blogs are coming….

Image result for images of gift wrapping stationsImage result for images of gift wrapping stations

What is your favorite?


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The creative person is one who harnesses the creative process in pursuing the greatest art form of them all – meaningful living.

Walt Disney was creativity personified. He was a multitalented human being with a timeless devotion to excellence and a penchant for good taste. He was an artist, filmmaker and inventor. Undoubtedly, his most spectacular achievement and gift to the world was Disneyland and Walt Disney World – they are without equal.

from the book: Think out of the box  by Mike Vance and Diane Deacon