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…..another example is “opportunity”. I believe that effective people are not problem-minded; they’re opportunity-minded. The root of opportunity is port, meaning the entryway by water into a city or place of business. In earlier days, when the tide and winds were right and the port opened, it allowed entry to do commerce, to visit, or to invade and conquer. But only those who recognized the opening could take advantage of the open port, or opportunity. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity this treasure-filled book affords for enriching your life.   (author Kevin Hall from the book ASPIRE)



posted by Caroline


from the book ASPIRE by Kevin Hall

Peeling the Onion:

Understanding what a common word really means and recognizing its depth and true essence can be enormously empowering. By breaking down words, layer by layer, by uncovering their pure, original meaning, by exploring their roots, we shine a new light on words and phrases, many of which we’ve used forever. For example, I have always taught that the first imperative of a leader is to inspire others. When you realize that “inspire” means to breath life into another’s dreams, and that the opposite, “expire”, means to cease to breathe, those words come to life. By learning to use words that inspire, you enable others to achieve their dreams. Conversely, by using words that expire, you disable others’hopes and aspirations.




by Caroline

I want to share this book with you, because it has short and funny stories with great life lessons in it! An amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life!

I had to deal with big changes myself in the last few months and it was perfect to read it again. It is a #1 Bestseller!

WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?   by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

……he is also the coauthor with Kenneth Blanchard:

The One Minute Manager,  also a good one!