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I posted this in January 2017 and I thought it was worth re-posting.  We are a few days into the new year and if you made a New Year resolution, I hope it works out for you whatever the resolution may be.

Did you make a New Year resolution?  Like many people, I use too but I don’t any longer. Statistics show 80 % of resolutions fail. We can feel guilty of indulgences during the holiday season and the calendar gives us a sense of a fresh start.
A resolution is little more than a wish list unless you have a vision to make you feel you’re making progress in what ever you want to change.  Whether it is losing 10 pounds, eating healthier or quit smoking create a specific vision. You will need a compelling vision, a strong enough reason to get you through and review and feel it everyday. Best wishes for a healthy new year!


By Caroline Vogt

3 Questions that keeps me challenged, alive and on purpose:

What can I do today to make me happy?

What can I do today to make my family members happy?

What can I do today to make the world a better place?


by Caroline Vogt

Invest some time in yourself this year! My guide helps you transform your life with easy steps to do. The books and e-books are available in English and German on Amazon worldwide.    Amazon.com

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Jan. 2, 2018

Start the new year off with less stress by meditation.  If you try the app let us know about the results.

Meditate to … Boost Your Confidence? You Can With These 3 Modern-Day Meditations

News flash: Meditation doesn’t just help with stress relief. If you can carve out 15 minutes each day for these meditations, the practice can help make you bolder—and more resilient.

The ancient practice of meditation—which, in basic terms, is about being focused in the present—has been credited with helping to reduce stress, improve sleep and lower blood pressure, among other health benefits.

Khajak Keledjian is living proof.

During the great recession of 2008, Keledjian—then the CEO of fashion retailer Intermix—was under enormous professional pressure. So a friend in the hedge fund business recommended meditation to him.

“Before I started, I didn’t even know what meditation was,” says Keledjian, who’s since made meditation a part of his daily routine. “I thought you had to be a monk or someone in the Himalayas to be able to meditate.”

Fast-forward to 2016, when Keledjian, who’d sold Intermix to Gap, launched Inscape, which is centered around—you guessed it—meditation. Both the company space in New York City and its app merge various ancient techniques of meditation with carefully calibrated music and sounds to help people of all skill levels meditate.

His desire to spread the word about meditation also led to Inscape’s current collaboration with Listerine®. As Keledjian notes, both brands are focused on self-care routines that can help contribute to a healthy, empowered life.

That’s right—meditation can be empowering, too.

That’s why Listerine and Inscape have teamed up to show you just how by creating a series of downloadable Be Bold guided meditations, with a focus on boosting your daily confidence levels, through the Inscape app.

The three 15-minute guided meditations each embody a different signature Inscape meditation technique—mindfulness, focus and mantra—enabling you to choose the meditation style that appeals to you in the moment.

Intrigued? Here’s a sneak peek at the Be Bold meditations.

The Mindfulness Meditation

The Goal: To help you move beyond self-doubts and fears, giving you the confidence to take more risks.

How It Works: Mindfulness techniques help teach you how to have awareness in the present moment, without judgment. The object of your awareness can include the five senses, body sensations, feelings or, as with this meditation, thoughts.

By practicing mindfulness meditation with a specific goal—such as wanting to have the confidence to take more risks—you can gain insight into what you really want to achieve and better understand the psychological blocks that may be keeping you from going for it.

A Sampling From the Meditation:
During this meditation, we are going to practice staying present and observing our thoughts without judging them. With gentle attention, bring your focus inward. Stay alert and aware. When any thoughts begin to occupy your mind, just notice them and make it OK that your mind is active. Just let your thoughts show up and then let them roll away.

To experience the entire 15-minute meditation, go to the Inscape app.

The Focus Meditation

The Goal: To help you focus and center yourself, so you can direct all your brain power toward achieving your objectives—with confidence.

How It Works: Often, our thoughts ricochet all over the place—there’s so much going on that we can’t seem to stay in the moment. Focus techniques help you filter out all that distracting external noise, so you can concentrate on what’s truly important.

Bottom line: If you can learn to zone completely in on a single goal without distractions, it’s astounding what you can accomplish.

So this practice places attention on a single thing—your breath, a body part, even a candle flame—and trains the brain to focus on it.

Bottom line: If you can learn to zone completely in on a single goal without distractions, it’s astounding what you can accomplish.

A Sampling From the Meditation:
We are going to practice focusing our attention on a single point and holding our awareness there. Focusing on the point where your breath touches your nose, begin to breathe through your nose and feel the touch of your breath on your skin as your body connects with the air. Let your breath be natural, breathing in and out of your nose with ease, deeply or gently, keeping it effortless and flowing, long or short.

To experience the entire 15-minute meditation, go to the Inscape app.

The Mantra Meditation

The Goal: To help foster more confidence by creating inner calm and keeping negative thoughts from becoming obstacles to your daily goals.

How It Works: We’ve all had moments when we’re feeling happy and optimistic about the world only to have that mood abruptly disappear when the latest news bulletin pops up on your smartphone or a work emergency arises.

By using a mantra meditation, you focus on a specific phrase, helping clear your head of everything that’s tugging at you, so you feel centered, strong and able to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

A Sampling From the Meditation:
Begin by silently repeating the mantra So Hum: So… Hum. So… Hum. So Hum is the sound of our breath. “So” is the sound of our inhales and “Hum” is the sound of our exhales. When we repeat So Hum silently, we are using the sound as a neutral anchor to keep our minds from wandering. Stay with the practice of silently repeating the mantra throughout the meditation. Allow the words to roll freely through your mind.


By Caroline

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Just in time for the holidays I finished the recipe book “Recipes From Around The World” and my two gift design books for gift inspirations and own gift and gift basket creations. Enjoy!

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October is the month to dig up temporary summer crops — runner beans, root veg such as carrots and beetroot, as well as pumpkins and squashes. Leave vegetables that can be harvested into autumn and winter, such as Brussels sprouts, cabbages and cauliflowers. Pick the last of any summer crop fruits such as raspberries, apples and pears.   See full article and more fall gardening tips here

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by Caroline

Fall season is the time IMG_9683for hot chocolate and cider!


It is so much fun to decorate our home and bring in the colors of fall! Easy to do with colorful pumpkins, leafs, twigs, nuts and warm colored candles or fireplaces. A colorful table cloth, table runner or pillow make a splash of color in your dining and living room.  Enjoy the fall season!