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By Caroline

It is cold outside! The perfect time to organiz our homes!Image result for pictures of home organization

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by Caroline

Think holistically and your overall health will improve. We as the Three Coaches help you live a balanced and healthy lifestyle inside and out. (go to “About”  to check us out)

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by Caroline

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Look at the things as though you are seeing it for the first time, with eyes of a child, with wonder! Take your time to observe the things around you and a new world is opening up for you!

In my new book “Dreams to Reality” you explore your own home and make it beautiful by organizing and “seasonal decorating” it.  check it out on

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By Caroline

Image result for image for a free feeling …..  going into 2017!

Do you want change in your life for 2017? There is still time to get rid of all the clutter in your life that bugs you down! Start by choosing one task a day to eliminate in your life and you will be amazed how much you get done already by the end of the year to start the new year fresh with plenty of energy!

Taking on too much can lead to serious health risks. 1 task a day, drink plenty of water and tea, fresh air and Vitamin C these few things keeps you healthier during the colder winter days.

if you need help getting things done e-mail me:

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Posted by Caroline

It is the time of the year to make some fun nature crafts! Have your family gathered and decorate and carve some pumpkins for in-and outdoors!

by Caroline

I’m so thankful there are cookbooks with Gluten-free, Casein-free and Sugar-free recipes. Having a son with celiac disease, autism and a rare heart disease, the right diet is life saving for him and the best thing ever happened is, all his tantrums stopped taking him off gluten and sugar 9 years ago.

here are two cookbooks I can highly recommend: