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by Caroline

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Look at the things as though you are seeing it for the first time, with eyes of a child, with wonder! Take your time to observe the things around you and a new world is opening up for you!

In my new book “Dreams to Reality” you explore your own home and make it beautiful by organizing and “seasonal decorating” it.  check it out on

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The new colors for home decor trends in 2017:

Confident palette: Dusky blues, blue-green, spicy reds, lime greens  for                                creative social types of decor

Composed palette: Earthy greens and taupes – Traditional to contemporary looks

Comfortable with pale pastels: light pinks, blues and yellows make small places popp

see great examples of different rooms and living spaces. Paint is an inexpensive solution for making changes in your home.

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It is the time of the year to make some fun nature crafts! Have your family gathered and decorate and carve some pumpkins for in-and outdoors!


By Caroline

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The more you can use and enjoy your dining table alone, the more pleasure you will bring to any others you ask to join you there. I really believe that our home and our decors, inclusive our table decorations and centerpieces are an extension of ourselves, our personalities and what is important to us. I also believe that details matter. If you have a tough time to imagine than check out one of your favorite restaurants with the ambiance that spoke to you that you can recreate at home including the table decors?