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Home Interior Colors for 2018

by Caroline

Enjoy the new color trends in 2018 and make your house a dream home with your preferred home interior colors!

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by Caroline

Fall season is the time IMG_9683for hot chocolate and cider!


It is so much fun to decorate our home and bring in the colors of fall! Easy to do with colorful pumpkins, leafs, twigs, nuts and warm colored candles or fireplaces. A colorful table cloth, table runner or pillow make a splash of color in your dining and living room.  Enjoy the fall season!


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Posted by Caroline

It is the time of the year to make some fun nature crafts! Have your family gathered and decorate and carve some pumpkins for in-and outdoors!

Beautiful Home Accessories

posted by Caroline

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Beautiful Home Interiors Home Accessories For Making Your Home Beautiful Asset Building Ideas Design
by Caroline: I love Home Accessories and Seasonal Decorating. In my new book I will give many fast and inexpensive ideas of Seasonal- and Holiday Decorating with many special Table-Decorations for all Occasions and Holidays.
Here is a great example of natural and beautiful  accessories. 3 pieces of something makes a collection. Different sizes makes it more interesting. This is a perfect example of having a collection of 3 but not more, otherwise it looks cluttered and overwhelming.
If you have several smaller pieces of something, (example small shells) put them in a glass bowl or vase. If you have a collection of small figurines, cars, etc. put them in a nice glass showcase, so it doesn’t get dusty and doesn’t look cluttered in a room.