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By Caroline Vogt

3 Questions that keeps me challenged, alive and on purpose:

What can I do today to make me happy?

What can I do today to make my family members happy?

What can I do today to make the world a better place?



By Caroline

This summer I tried several new versions of smoothies, first with recipes and then I tried my own flavors. One of them I did 10 min. ago and I like to share it with you.                    Done in 3 Minutes and I have my portions on fruits for the day inclusive 1 veggie! 

Image result for images of smoothies

Makes 2 glasses:

1 middle sized banana

1 bigger carrot

10 pieces of grapes

1/2 gala apple

1/2 cup of  plain yogurt

1/2 cup milk

1/2 – 1 cup  orange juice

1.) Peel the bananas and the carrot and cut in pieces and into blender

2.) Add 10 pieces of grapes and cut a the apple in smaller pieces and add in blender

3.) Add the yogurt, the milk and the orange juice,  Enjoy the burst of Energy!


Love this Book!

I love “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. I first found out about this book from my daughter. I picked it up and was quickly taken in by the interesting and funny style. What is it about? Becoming your authentic self, standing up for you and growing the confidence to do it. I especially loved the story about bowling and throwing the ball backwards. I did that! The author tells you exactly how to become a badass. It is such an empowering self help book. I highly recommend it.


By Linda

Supplement Your Brain With Herbs

Posted by Caroline

Herbs can relieve stress, improve circulations, and even boost memory. Researchers are finding that wild plants contain a storehouse of genetic information that may lead to new treatments for disease, especially those that have heretofore resisted treatments, such as immune-deficiency diseases.

The Differences Between Herbal Remedies And Drugs:

Herbal Medicines                                          Conventional Drugs

– Are based on entire, whole plant                – Are based on isolated chemicals

– Are made from natural substances             – May be synthetic

– are created from the sun’s energy              – Are unrelated to Nature’s cycle

– Have few if any side effects                         – Always have side effects

– Work slowly and subtly                                – work dramatically

– Enhance vitality                                           – Deplete vitality