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by Caroline

Create a Valentine gift or gift basket and make it an everlasting Valentine for your loved ones. “Gift Basket Designs For All Occasions”

Valentine 3plain



by Caroline

Just in time for the holidays I finished the recipe book “Recipes From Around The World” and my two gift design books for gift inspirations and own gift and gift basket creations. Enjoy!

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by Caroline

Fall season is the time IMG_9683for hot chocolate and cider!


It is so much fun to decorate our home and bring in the colors of fall! Easy to do with colorful pumpkins, leafs, twigs, nuts and warm colored candles or fireplaces. A colorful table cloth, table runner or pillow make a splash of color in your dining and living room.  Enjoy the fall season!


by Caroline

Image result for images of children observing the world

Look at the things as though you are seeing it for the first time, with eyes of a child, with wonder! Take your time to observe the things around you and a new world is opening up for you!

In my new book “Dreams to Reality” you explore your own home and make it beautiful by organizing and “seasonal decorating” it.  check it out on

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img_2573 Crafted by Caroline

The Pumpkin candles can be a family craft project!

How to make in 10 min:

Use some little pumpkin

Cut from cardboard some circles (same size as the votive candles)

Hot-Glue the cardboard on candle and candle on pumpkin.

Decorate around the candle with silk or dry flowers and leaves. Make sure the flowers are arranged away from the candle so they don’t burn when candle lit. Enjoy on your Thanksgiving-Table!