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by Caroline

Think holistically and your overall health will improve. We as the Three Coaches help you live a balanced and healthy lifestyle inside and out. (go to “About”  to check us out)

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by Caroline

I’m so thankful there are cookbooks with Gluten-free, Casein-free and Sugar-free recipes. Having a son with celiac disease, autism and a rare heart disease, the right diet is life saving for him and the best thing ever happened is, all his tantrums stopped taking him off gluten and sugar 9 years ago.

here are two cookbooks I can highly recommend:


By Caroline

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Be someone who inspires the people around you by the way you live your life and the way you treat others. Stay focused on your future and be willing to give all that you are to make your dreams come true.

Encourage others, and support them with your strong beliefs. Be a motivated person who takes chances when they present themselves.

Don’t wait or worry about tomorrow; just keep focused on what’s happening today. Be someone who looks forward to challenges and fully accepts both the joys and struggles that come to someone who dreams. (book: Is it Time to Make a Change? by Deanna Beisser)


from the book Aspire by Kevin Hall

In addition to words commonly used in everyday English conversation, this book includes unique and profound words from other languages and cultures. The word “Ollin”, for example, is a word of depth from the Aztecs. It described a powerful event, like an earthquake or a great storm that shakes the earth. It conveys intense and immediate movement. Ollin means to move or act now with all your heart. To experience Ollin, you have to get “All in”. Global words such as this can unite people throughout the world with a common language. (posted by Caroline)


By Caroline

I deal with different languages daily….

I have to say lately it is getting tough, because I use 4  languages daily and I sometimes get confused with some of the grammar and right sentences when I switch forth and back all the time ………..Born in Switzerland using Swiss German to talk to my family every day, living in an environment  where everybody speaks French (I have to speak it too), living in the French part of Switzerland right now and writing my book in English and German makes it sometimes not easy……so please don’t judge too harsh when my English posts are not always correct in writing……..Thank you!


posted by Caroline

…..another example is “opportunity”. I believe that effective people are not problem-minded; they’re opportunity-minded. The root of opportunity is port, meaning the entryway by water into a city or place of business. In earlier days, when the tide and winds were right and the port opened, it allowed entry to do commerce, to visit, or to invade and conquer. But only those who recognized the opening could take advantage of the open port, or opportunity. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity this treasure-filled book affords for enriching your life.   (author Kevin Hall from the book ASPIRE)