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Halloween is right around the corner. With this treat the children learn that a healthy Halloween treat tastes great!

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green goblin vegan smoothie




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Writing on my book is not always easy……but I try hard to do what I preach and what I write in one of my section in the book…..

Exercise regularly, but keep it fun and mix it up!

Find a good balance of regular exercise that is tailored to your fitness level and your busy schedule. I found that 15 Min. morning exercises at home and a walk during lunch time to get fresh air and see nature around me, makes me more balanced and happy!

What is your favored exercise to do?

Heart Health

by Caroline

The heart is considered the “center” of our emotions but it is also vital to our overall health and longevity. Taking care of your heart means eating well, getting plenty of rest, and daily exercise.

Tip: Good circulation will put less stress on the heart. Massage your legs and arms with Cypress oil (watch for natural oils!) to promote good circulation, especially the hands and feet.

Supplement Your Brain With Herbs

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Herbs can relieve stress, improve circulations, and even boost memory. Researchers are finding that wild plants contain a storehouse of genetic information that may lead to new treatments for disease, especially those that have heretofore resisted treatments, such as immune-deficiency diseases.

The Differences Between Herbal Remedies And Drugs:

Herbal Medicines                                          Conventional Drugs

– Are based on entire, whole plant                – Are based on isolated chemicals

– Are made from natural substances             – May be synthetic

– are created from the sun’s energy              – Are unrelated to Nature’s cycle

– Have few if any side effects                         – Always have side effects

– Work slowly and subtly                                – work dramatically

– Enhance vitality                                           – Deplete vitality