Summer Fun

Posted by Colleen

We can’t get away from the sun and summer fun! Whether it’s at the beach, your backyard pool, or just taking a walk the sun is shining and those wonderful rays are coming right at us.  Take precaution and wear long sleeves and a hat or sun screen to protect yourself. The risk of skin cancer is there because when our skin absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight it can damage our skin cells.

I was reading an article and back in 1981 Australia launched a sun protection campaign called Slip-Slop-Slap to encourage people to protect themselves. It is still good advice today.

I had a family member this past year go through treatment for skin cancer and it was scary.  Luckily, everything so far is good. I heard on the news the pacific northwest has a high skin cancer rate because even though it may be cloudy here we are still getting those ultraviolet rays.

If you notice any new growths, spots or sores on your skin that don’t heal call your doctor and make an appointment. Also, watch out for any changes in the size, shape or color of any existing moles. If you have any concerns have it checked out by your doctor or dermatologist.

There is no reason not to be outdoors this summer and have fun just take precaution and cover up or slip-slop-slap!

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