Flu Season

Posted by Colleen

Wow! Have any of you gotten the flu this year?  For the past three weeks I have been out of commission due to the flu.  The last time I was this sick was in January four years ago.

I was thinking why this time of year?  For me it’s the transition from summer and fall weather to winter and colder temperatures.  Where I live we had snow and very cold temperatures in December and January.   Also, the stresses of the holiday, being out in bigger crowds and for me I spent both holidays away from home, out of my usual environment and routine.  The holidays also mean indulging in foods that I don’t normally eat so then the immune system weakens and BAMB – sick.

How can we help protect ourselves from the flu?  Well, we’ve heard these tips before but during this time of year we really need to be vigilant about practicing these simple tips:

  1.  Hand washing – prevent the spread of germs
  2.  Cover your cough – use the inside of your arm or tissue to cover your mouth and nose when coughing
  3. Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  4. Stay home from work when you are sick
  5. Don’t send your child to school sick
  6. Eat vegetables, leafy greens, fruit, prebiotic and probiotic foods to help your immune system

Hope you have a healthy winter season!


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