Diets 2017

Posted by Colleen

We are only a few days into 2017 and a list of the best diets have already appeared.  Also, have you noticed all the ads on television for diets and exercise equipment?  Is there a diet on the list that you have tried and liked best?  Leave us a comment.

U.S. News & World Report Reveals Best Diets Rankings for 2017

Just in time for the New Year, rankings offer Best Overall Diets, Best Diets for Weight Loss and more.

Jan. 4, 2017, at 8:15 a.m.

Washington, D.C. – Jan. 4, 2017 – U.S. News & World Report, the global authority in rankings and consumer advice, today released its annual assessment of the year’s Best Diets. In addition to rankings, the online portal offers a collection of critical data and information about diet plans to help the estimated 45 million Americans who diet each year – and millions more globally – achieve healthier lifestyles.

For the seventh year in a row, the DASH diet has been rated Best Diet Overall, followed by the Mediterranean diet, up from fourth place last year. The MIND diet, second last year, comes in third, and is followed by a four-way tie for fourth place: the Flexitarian diet, Mayo Clinic Diet, the TLC diet and Weight Watchers.

U.S. News’ Best Diets 2017 offers rankings of 38 diet plans across nine categories: in addition to the Best Diets Overall, this year’s lists can help people find the Best Weight-Loss Diets, Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets, Easiest Diets to Follow, Best Commercial Diets, Best Diets for Healthy Eating, Best Plant-Based Diets and best diets for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

To calculate the rankings, U.S. News convened an expert panel of the country’s top nutritionists, dietary consultants and physicians specializing in diabetes, heart health and weight loss. Through an in-depth survey, each panelist considered the 38 diets across several dimensions, including ease of compliance, likelihood of losing significant weight in the short and long term, and effectiveness against cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This year, U.S. News updated the Best Diets survey and methodology; for further details, please click here.

“There is a clearly established theme of healthful eating, relevant across generations, geography, and health concerns that could add years to lives, and life to years,” said expert panelist David Katz, MD, Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center. “By profiling diverse diets, this important, annual report can help reaffirm the fundamentals of better eating for all, while empowering people to make well-informed, personalized choices. The ‘best’ diet, like the best exercise, is the one you actually manage to practice and maintain.”

U.S. News 2017 Best Diets Rankings

Full lists available here.

Best Diets Overall
1. DASH diet
2. Mediterranean diet
3. MIND diet

Best Commercial Diets
1. Mayo Clinic Diet
1. Weight Watchers
3. Jenny Craig

Best Weight-Loss Diets
1. Weight Watchers
2. Jenny Craig
2. Volumetrics

Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets
1. HMR Program
1. Weight Watchers
3. Biggest Loser

Best Diets For Healthy Eating
1. DASH diet
2. Mediterranean diet
3. MIND diet

Easiest Diets to Follow
1. Fertility diet
1. Mediterranean diet
1. MIND diet
1. Weight Watchers

Best Diets for Diabetes
1. DASH diet
2. Mediterranean diet
2. Vegan diet

Best Diets for Heart Disease
1. DASH diet
1. Ornish diet
3. TLC diet

Best Plant-Based Diets
1. Mediterranean diet
2. Flexitarian diet
3. Vegetarian diet


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