New Year, New You

Posted by Colleen

Did you make a New Year resolution?  Like many people, I use too but I don’t any longer. Statistics show 80 % of resolutions fail. We can feel guilty of indulgences during the holiday season and the calendar gives us a sense of a fresh start.

A resolution is little more than a wish list unless you have a vision to make you feel you’re making progress in what ever you want to change.  Whether it is losing 10 pounds, eating healthier or quit smoking create a specific vision. You will need a compelling vision, a strong enough reason to get you through and review and feel it everyday. Best wishes for a healthy new year!


One thought on “New Year, New You

  1. Lillian Love

    I appreciate your shared wisdom.
    I don’t always like to comment.
    Wanting to support you by clicking like.
    Unable to do so without sharing all my information
    Everytime. I will probably not click like in the future unless this is changed.
    I am continually reading your blog.
    Thank you and Happy New Year



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