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Answer received from my project: What means a TRUE FRIEND TO YOU?

1) A best friend is someone who knows your past and all your secrets… and loves you anyway. Someone who you trust so much that you know that  past and those secrets are safe with them. Someone who can forgive you when you make a relationship mistake because they  trust that it was a mistake and they do not make anything bigger out of it. Someone who can stand witness to your life and be with you through it. Who loves you and your family and would do whatever they were able to be there for you in times of need. AND someone who feels and is able to accept the same sentiments from you, as you receive from them, and the relationship is BALANCED in the giving and taking. You both know it is for life. Someone who, even if you do not talk for a long time, you know that it means nothing more than that they are busy, but you know they think of you and pray for you. You do the same back towards them. I am blessed to have such a person in my life for 37+ years and I thank GOD for her most everyday. Thank You Betty!



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