more from our friends…..


  1. Being a good friend means listening through the words and working at staying in touch, and loving them even when they embarrass or hurt you as you know they really didn’t mean it and you know something is going on at a deeper level.  It means thinking the best of them always and keeping your mouth in tune with your thoughts.
  1. A good friend is loyal…and even though they don’t see you for years, you’ve stayed in touch and can pick right up where you left off when you do meet up again!  A true friend volunteers to help you move even though it’s one of the worst jobs in the world, and they really don’t want you to move at all!  They make sacrifices for your good as they know you need it and they love you!

These are not enough for an answer as they can be listed in so many practical ways and I just named a few based on my experiences.  I was so blessed to see several good friends while I was in Oregon, but I have them here as well and all over from where I’ve lived in the past.  I’m very grateful for good friends!  Love, Marty


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