INDONESIAN “VEGGIE FRITTERS”   (from our international friend Lina)

Image result for images indonesian veggie fritters


2 small carrots

1 hand full spinach

1 hand full different greens

1 small pepper, if you like

1 egg in a bowl (stir)

1 1/2 cup flour (self rising)   (you can use Gluten Free flour)

2/3  cup of water

salt & pepper

1 teaspoon garlic powder



1 Cut all veggies in small pieces, set aside

2 Add all ingredients in a separate bowl and mix very well until batter smooth (but not too liquid) and then add all veggies.

3 Fry a spoon full of the veggie-batter for 10 min. or until brown on both sides in a pan of any kind of hot cooking oil.

4 Place on a piece of household towels to drop the oil.      Enjoy it warm!


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