When Taking Medication

Posted by Colleen



Millions of people take prescription or over the counter medication everyday, but do we really know what we’re taking and how it will affect us?

I was talking to someone the other day and she told me that her husband had to be taken to the emergency room this past week.  He was asleep and unresponsive when she and her son tried to wake him.  They did manage to rouse him and took him to the emergency room where they were told he had a low potassium level in his blood. One of the medications he is taking is Furosemide, common brand name Lasix, which is used to reduce extra fluid in the body to treat conditions such as high blood pressure. This drug may affect the potassium level and also a person’s blood sugar level.

When a person gets a prescription medication there is a product information sheet that comes with the medication, please read this information sheet before taking any medication.  Also, look online to a website such as Webmd or another trusted source and look for information about the medication, then talk with your doctor about the medication, this is called self-care which we all should do for our health and safety.

Eating a whole food lifestyle with emphasis on vegetables, especially leafy greens and fruit with a variety of color will help in receiving most of your minerals and vitamins. If you need help in maneuvering your food lifestyle with a medication seek out help to get you started.


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