BY  Caroline

We are happy to show you not only the recipe from our friend Rosie but also the video we did at her home. We will have more recipes from our international friends  from our cookbook “Recipes From Around The World”



1 (12 oz) can Hunts tomatoes paste

1 (lb 13 oz) Hunts tomato sauce

3 tbsp cooking oil

2 tbsp salt and chili red powder

6 cans of water (13 oz)

2 pound hamburger meat

30 (1 pack) corn tortilla small

1 (4 pound)  American cheese

2 big onions

2 cups Canola oil



1.) Mix first 5 ingredients for sauce in pan and let it cook and simmer on medium heat for 2 hours and then low heat 2 hours,  set aside

2.) 2 pound hamburger meat cook in pan for 25 min., set aside

3.) Shred the American cheese

4.) cut the onions in small pieces

5.) mix meat, cheese and onions in bowl

6.) heat canola oil in pan and turn tortillas for 10 sec. each side

7.) Place on household paper, add filling and role tortilla

8.) Add a lot (about 2 cups) of sauce or everything is covered and add cheese on top until well covered. On 500 F for 15 minutes. Makes 30 tortillas and you can freeze the leftovers.

Ideal for a social gathering of family and friends to enjoy around the table! You can serve with salad and/or rice with it. Enjoy, Rosie!






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