Beautiful Home Accessories

posted by Caroline

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Beautiful Home Interiors Home Accessories For Making Your Home Beautiful Asset Building Ideas Design
by Caroline: I love Home Accessories and Seasonal Decorating. In my new book I will give many fast and inexpensive ideas of Seasonal- and Holiday Decorating with many special Table-Decorations for all Occasions and Holidays.
Here is a great example of natural and beautiful  accessories. 3 pieces of something makes a collection. Different sizes makes it more interesting. This is a perfect example of having a collection of 3 but not more, otherwise it looks cluttered and overwhelming.
If you have several smaller pieces of something, (example small shells) put them in a glass bowl or vase. If you have a collection of small figurines, cars, etc. put them in a nice glass showcase, so it doesn’t get dusty and doesn’t look cluttered in a room.

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