Back to School

Posted by Colleen


There are just a few more days until the end of summer vacation for some kids but for some it has already ended. Now the hustle and bustle of back to school and what to prepare for their lunches – I remember those days!

Spring and summer has been a time when families can go together and spend a morning at the farmers market. Markets have of course fresh produce but also booths that offer foods prepared for you to eat while wondering around, music to listen to, and some booths offer activities for children, like face painting. Make a family venture out of shopping at the farmers market by letting your child help pick out produce to prepare at home, it gets them interested in real, whole foods at a young age.

Getting the whole family involved in the kitchen to prepare a meal, helps the child to learn about cooking but also they’re excited they chose what is being prepared to eat. Allow your child to create a menu for the week what they would like to eat for lunch at school, hopefully incorporating some of the fresh produce they helped pick out.

Dehydrating fresh fruit can make fruit roll ups and fruit chips, dehydrate kale for kale chips and roast fresh nuts. Prepare a whole chicken and use leftovers to make a chicken salad, curry chicken wraps or just eating pieces of chicken with some whole grain crackers. Celery and carrots sticks can be dipped in a small container with nut butter, squash and cucumbers can be dipped in homemade ranch dip. There are websites with wonderful and tasty recipes for quick and easy child lunches.

Educate your child on allergies and not sharing their food with other children unless they ask the teacher first.

Most farmers markets continue until November so keep enjoying the fresh local produce as long as possible and watch your children get inspired to eat healthier.

Enjoy the last days of summer vacation!


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