Posted by Caroline

I have this book a long time and I thought this is something we all can do to open our own eyes….this is from the book EMPOWERING WOMEN by Louise L. Hay

Reflections on Your Journey:The beautiful Maldives

General Guidelines:

One of the first and most important exercises is to find out WHAT you believe. Put several full sheets of paper in your notebook, and label each one at the top:


-Men  – Women  –  Myself  – Relationships  –  Commitment  –  Marriage   – Family

-Children  – Work  –  Money  – Prosperity  –  Investments  – Health  – Aging   – Death

These beliefs are the internal, subconscious rules you live your life by. You cannot make positive changes in your life until you can recognize the negative beliefs you hold.

When all of the lists are more or less completed, read them over.  Mark with a star each belief that is nourishing and supportive of you. These beliefs are the ones you want to keep and reinforce.

Mark with a check each belief that is negative and detrimental to your goals. These are the beliefs that have been holding you back from being all that you can be. These are the beliefs you want to erase and reprogram.



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