Total Responsibility

Posted by Linda

In any relationship or situation, taking 100% responsibility for your choices, how you treat others and yourself, is essential. Doing so requires inner growth, so that you do not rely on anyone else’s opinion about your value, but your own. When you are able to do this, you no longer become dependent on the winds that toss you about. You develop an anchor, you! You become free to be yourself, not out of egotism or narcissism, but knowing who you are and loving that person.

Let’s say that you are in a relationship, it may be new or you may have been together for 15 years, and you are dependent on your partner to make you happy. Think about it. It is a scary choice, but we learn growing up that our partners are supposed to make us happy. Although your partner may love you very much, they do have their own needs and wants and ideas about how a relationship should be. And surprise, they may not be as self sacrificing in a relationship as you expected. Suppose that there is something very important to you and you even share that information with them, but they let you down. You don’t go on a trip or have the romantic dinner together that you planned. What do you do? Do you sink into depression or become angry and resentful towards them? Hopefully not, because those are two things that may lead you down the path to a very unhappy relationship.

No, you take responsibility for your own happiness, by being honest with your partner about how you feel, talk about a plan that will be suitable for you both, and if nothing can be worked out, deal with you own feelings through self talk and self care.

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