Standing for health

Posted by Colleen

What is second nature to humans?  Sitting!  It’s what we do at work, when we eat, unwind and watch tv, on the computer and even when we socialize.

Did you know that Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill used stand-up desks?

Experts have set guidelines recommending minimum amounts of physical activity but not specific guidelines for sitting.  Experts do seem to agree to counteract the negative health effects of prolonged sitting is to get up and move.  Getting up off your chair at work or home and move frequently throughout the day is key.

Here are some tips:

At work, walk and talk

Try a stand-up desk

Get rid of office chair with wheels and get up to retrieve things

Get a phone call get up, pace and talk

Every hour, get up and walk

Talk and walk on your break or lunch break

Watching tv, go and do things during commercials – get up and move.


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