By Caroline

As we all know, we do have to do something to have less stress in our daily lives, but what can we do?

Here are some of the strategies to keep you  balanced, happier and healthier:

  1. After waking up in the morning for the first 5-10 min. thank God for the beautiful day, your family members, friends and add at least 5 more things you are thankful for.
  2. Stretch in bed or during your shower and make some knee bending exercises when you wash your teeth to optimize your time. Music in the morning makes you feel good and perhaps you can dance for 5 min.
  3. Do something nice for yourself each day, reading your favorite book or magazine, drinking your favorite tea or coffee, go for a few minutes in nature in your breaks
  4. Take a day off for a wellness-day with a massage, facial, sauna, swimming etc.  or/and  at home,  take regular warm aromatherapy-bath (gift set: each time a different herb- and flower bath)
  5. Use both of your brain-sites, if the left side is tired, use the right side, if the right side needs a break do something for the left side. Gardening, Art & Crafts or a sport is a good way to relax. Share a flower bouquet from your garden with a friend or bake a cake for your neighbor, or……sharing things you like makes you and the receiving person happy!
  6. If you get a compliment, take it seriously and say, thank you!
  7. laugh often (look for funny movies, games to do with children, and grand children, funny books and videos, this keeps you happy and healthy!
  8. Learn to say NO, women have a harder time with this, because we think we have to take care of everybody and everything
  9. Set your priorities with taking time for  God, family, profession, exercising, hobbies, avoid news and other negative TV and influences, messages and pictures and replace with positive ones. Learn every day something new
  10. Simplify life with doing only 3 things a day!
  11. Try this few steps for a month and transform your life to a happier one! Write me your story and how you felt before and how you feel now after using this 10 steps each day. I look forward to your message or to hear from you!  Here is  my e-mail: caroline.vogt@comcast.net;  Have a wonderful new day with a new beginning!

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