It will be Fall Soon

Posted by Linda

Fall is coming and that means for everyone who has school age children, that school is starting. There is a feeling of excitement in the air, or is it anxiety? Most likely, it is a combination of both. Change from the warmth of summer where your days might be relaxed, and getting ready to go to school where life is structured and there is homework due is upon us.

Some parents breathe a sigh of relief because their children would be occupied all day and the pressure to keep them busy yourself is off. I was never like that, I felt the anxiety of getting them to bed on time so that they would have adequate rest for the next day and getting the homework done. Of course if you have one of those lovely cooperative children, then there was no problem. Most people, however, have children who resist doing homework, and resist going to bed. It makes me tired just thing about it!

There is a book that actually says that if you get your children to bed at a good hour and they are adequately rested, then they will behave and be in a good mood the rest of the day. Oh, if that were so and life would work out perfectly if we followed the rules. Most of us know that even following the rules does not guarantee success. Sleep, nonetheless, is necessary. It helps our brain function properly and is good for our immune system. So, it is important to have quiet time before bed and have a regular bedtime ritual.

Doing homework can be really tricky. Do you allow your child to experience the consequences of not doing it and when do you do that. Or do you push your child so that their grades are good enough for you? How about doing the homework for them so that you can guarantee them a good grade? I don’t think that will help your child in school or in life. So many things to sort out!

All I have is questions! One bit of advice, however, is to enjoy the beauty of the coming season each minute that you are able.


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