The Reunion


Posted by Linda

I know that we sometimes feel exactly like we need to start over with who can be members in our family. Of course, we can add our dear friends who may feel more like family than blood relations, but it is what it is. Maybe our family members aren’t as close as we would like them to be, but isn’t there somewhere inside of you, a small or even more evident desire for closeness and to have the kind of family reunions that we may see on the television or in movies, lots of craziness, but bonded with love and caring for each other.

I don’t hear about too many families having reunions any more. We have all grown apart and very busy with our own families and sometimes just trying to keep afloat. We may have money to travel and not the time, or the time, and no money. Either way, the way things are in our culture doesn’t lead towards getting together.

There may be a change. We all know that everything changes and what goes one way, eventually comes back and goes the other. I think that people are recognizing a greater need for family and community support. After years of families moving around the country rather than settling in one place, much job instability, and a high rate of divorce, it makes one feel a bit unsettled, at least it does me. I long for something different.

I believe that many people see a need for change in the way we are living, greater connection, respect and acceptance of each other even if we don’t agree with their choices, and a greater respect and appreciation for the land that we live on. And need I say for the animals who also inhabit the planet. We all have our place, but human actions have resulted in the extinction of certain species and it is all happening more rapidly than expected.

So what can we do but male room for more love in our own lives, for ourselves and each other and where we live.


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