Increasing Well Being in the Family

Posted by Linda

Increasing a sense of well being in the family affects physical, emotional and spiritual states. We all know that without good health and a sense of well being, many things are so much more difficult. I’m sure that every one of us has had the experience of a family member or ourselves being ill. It is a very challenging period of time when someone close to you is unwell, as it was in my family. We tend to worry more as the illness becomes the focus of our existence. So especially when we are going through times of great stress, it is really essential to strive for a sense of well being so that we do not become ill ourselves.

How do we avoid depleting our immune system and well being? Avoid eating stale food, junk food, being around negative people,watching television and being on the computer for excessive periods of time. We may also experience poor health when we suffer from overexertion, excessive worry, fear, sorrow and too many late nights.

According to the ancient art of Ayurveda, it takes approximately 35 days to rejuvenate one’s health when it is depleted. One method of rejuvenation is increasing one’s digestive fires. Here are some suggestions that people have used in the past. Avoiding overeating and spacing meals far enough apart in order to digest properly is essential. Drink no more than one cup of water with a meal. Drink milk separately from other foods. There are many more ways to increase digestion, such as the use of certain herbs and spices. Cinnamon is commonly used by many people to increase the digestive fires. if anyone is curious about other ideas, please contact me.

Also love and harmony in your heart and particularly in connection with another increases the quality of health and sense of well being.


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