Parenting Challenges

Posted by Linda

As a parent, do you ever feel like your child is the king or queen and you do the royals bidding? I know that I certainly did. It was often the struggle between, do I pick up this mess myself or do I go through the usual tantrums that my child offers me in the form of resistance and control, over me of course. Now, I realize that I took  what seemed to be the “easy” way out and cleaned up the mess myself. It was way too exhausting to go through the screaming and multitude of excuses as well as the downright refusal to cooperate and clean up! What I didn’t understand that I was setting myself up to be the parlor maid ad infinitum. If I would have taken the time, with persistence and patience, my days as the parlor maid would have ended so much sooner. Oh well, I’m sure that I will have another opportunity to work through something like this again!

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