Responsibility and Freedom

Posted by Linda

Does the thought of responsibility drag you down? It doesn’t have to. Actually, taking 100% responsibility for yourself can be very freeing. What is difficult is when we place too much of our well being or happiness on someone else, like out partners, for example. When we choose to place our joy on what is outside of us, then we are not “running the day”. The wind or the waves are blowing us around and we feel out of control in our lives. I think of the mountain pose in yoga, where our feet are planted firmly in the earth and we are able to deal with what goes on around us. We remain stable.

Our partners can make us feel neglected by not giving us enough attention or hurt our feelings. When things like that happen, we do have a choice, several in fact. We can do nothing and keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves and suffer in silence, or we can become observers of our own behaviors and others, and learn to understand the situation better. Then we can acknowledge our feelings, express them and ask our partner for what we need. Hopefully, they will acknowledge our feelings and maybe change a behavior. But if they don’t, we can still choose to create our own happiness and take responsibility for it rather than go down the road feeling miserable. Choice is key and we are free to choose the kind of life we want.


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