Tips for Self Care

Posted by Linda

How do you achieve balance in your life while caring for yourself and caring for others? The first step is to be present in your life and that means paying attention to what you are doing. So many times, we run down the list of what we have to accomplish each day while succumbing to the pressures of life. How do you take care of yourself when little children are so demanding and needing you. Likewise, how is it possible to choose a job that you actually like and is suited to you when financial survival is at stake. These are issues that we can not solve in one setting or just because we make up our minds to ignore certain circumstances, but they are accomplished by taking one step at a time.

Do you remember what you did before you washed the clothes or drove to the grocery store. Do you remember the drive? What did you see, flowers, trees, the sky or the clouds, birds? In order to appreciate the beauty that we have and not just rush about, we need to pay attention in the moment, be present. Without that awareness, we are not able to make appropriate changes.

Why is it important to look at your life as a whole rather than compartmentalize? There is one of us who does everything, one person who feels satisfied, or out of whack, uncomfortable and yearning for something different. It is you and me. This person, instead of being balanced, strong, and healthy is exhausted, depressed, and anxious. I choose to achieve better health, less stress, and of course experience happiness and joy.

Being present, mentally, emotionally and physically requires asking yourself how am I feeling now? To see where you are putting your energy and how you spend your day, get out a piece of paper and some colored pens and draw a circle with you at the center. Then divide it like you would a pie with three major divisions, You, your Family and Friends, and Work. Then make as many sections as you require within each one of those. For example, under You, you might have stress management, health, and exercise, so that you can estimate how much time you spend in each area. Under Friends and Family, you might write husband, children, friends, and recreation. After you complete the circle and estimate the hours you spend doing each activity, then challenge yourself to bring some of these categories into a better balance so that you can experience more of the life that you desire.


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