Easter Eggs

Posted by Colleen

Easter is just around the corner!  Are you ready for having fun coloring eggs with your children?  This was a fun time of year when my children were growing up.  But we used the typical food coloring egg kits back then.  I am so happy that there are products now that are safer to use.  I came across an advertisement in a store’s flyer, where I sometimes shop, this is a natural egg coloring kit called Glob Colors. I was intrigued so I went to the Glob Colors website which I’m posting. This is what they have posted regarding the egg coloring kit.

100% pure and natural Easter egg dyes made from herbs and plants.

No artificial dyes or chemicals.

FDA approved colors: cabbage, annatto and radish.

Makes a rainbow of color combinations!

CONTAINS: 3 colors (yellow, purple, and blue), 3 bamboo brushes

Includes enough color for 1-2 dozen eggs.

Glob’s Natural Easter Egg Kit includes leaf print and other Easter egg decorating instructions.

Sustainably packaging with PCW (post consumer waste) paper, printed with vegetable inks.

Ingredients: pure annatto, radish and cabbage extracts

For ages 4+. Non-toxic and CPSIA compliant.


One good thing about coloring all those eggs after your children hunt for them is eating the eggs!  Egg salad on whole grain crackers, deviled eggs, eggs chopped up in tuna or sliced and put in your green salad are all good choices for healthy eating.  Eggs are a great protein and can be enjoyed in many ways.

Have a Happy Easter!


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