A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s rest is easier said than done after you have a baby. Yet it is an important part of preventing or minimizing Postpartum Depression. There are so many changes going on hormonally, physically, and the amazing awareness that yes I really did have a baby. I mean, we all know that when we are pregnant. We are carrying a baby, but there is something about our psyche that really doesn’t understand until we see that beautiful little human being. Also, need I say that babies don’t know day from night. They have huge adjustments to make too and that is why they hardly ever sleep through the night, at least for awhile.

Looking back, and I have three children, I was one of the many women who experience postpartum depression. It is very normal to feel a little depressed after birth, and I really did not feel that. What I did feel, however was an increase in anxiety, which is closely connected to depression. I used to say that I did not understand the meaning of worry until I had children. I worried about whether my child was breathing normally and babies generally have funny little breathing patterns. In fact, I worrried about every little bump, pimple or rash that appeared. I did not talk about my concerns to anyone, nor did I realize that although part of what was going on was normal, I did cross the line and could have had support that would have eased my concerns.

I wish that I had felt free to connect with others and share my experience so that I could have understood what was going on. Now I probably would have called Postpartum Support International, whose number is, by the way,1-800-944-4773. The message is that you are not alone. There is support and caring. I wish that I would have heard those words.


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