Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by Colleen

St. Patrick’s Day is best known for parades, green beer, turning rivers green, shamrocks, leprechaun’s and corned beef and cabbage but the holiday has a long and interesting history.

St. Patrick’s Day originated as a Roman Catholic holiday recognizing St. Patrick and was brought to America by Irish immigrants as a way of affirming their identity.  It’s since been adopted by Americans of all backgrounds.

The symbol of the shamrock is associated with St. Patrick as he reportedly used the three-leafed plant as a way of explaining the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Is Corned Beef Really Irish?

There are some interesting articles about this day on the internet.  One of the articles I read is an article by Shaylyn Esposito on the website Smithsonian.com titled – Is Corned Beef Really Irish?

Enjoy your corned beef and cabbage today!


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